Glen Laurel Homeowners 


Pool Information

Pool Tag Issue Date

Due to the continued restrictions from Fort Bend County regarding crowds, the Board has decided to move the dates for issuing pool tags to May 16th and May 23rd from 12pm to 4pm on each day.   

As in past years, stickers for the 2020 pool season are free and can be placed on your existing Glen Laurel plastic pool tags to be valid.  If new plastic pool tags are needed, they can be purchased for $4.00 each and will be sold on both days.  Cash (EXACT CHANGE ONLY) and checks will be accepted.

Please be courteous to your fellow homeowners and workers by not gathering inside the gate while picking up your stickers/tags.  If someone is inside the gate, please use social distance guidance and wait outside until they leave before coming inside.   

Although the Governor’s office has allowed pools to open, restrictions are in the process of being worked out as to the amount of people allowed in the pool at one time and hours of operation.  Once these details are worked out, the Board will announce the date the pool will open and any restrictions to its use.  

2020 Pool Schedule and Pool Tag Information